Hit Progressive Draw Poker

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Hit Progresivni Draw Poker
  Hit Progressive Draw Poker
Minimum bet 5€, maximum bet 100€

The goal of Hit’s progressive draw poker game, is to gather the best possible cards combination.

Game description

Hit’s progressive draw poker is a card game played at the playing tables. It is a straight forward game, and it offers a plenty of fun and a great opportunity for win. As with other card games, the goal of Hit’s progressive draw poker game, is to gather the best possible cards combination. This sort of poker differs from others because players play against the casino. The game is led by the dealer.

Flow of the game
The game begins with each player placing an “ante” bet and a Jackpot bet (the latter optional). Afterwards, the dealer deals five cards to each player. Upon seeing their cards, the players decide whether to continue playing or not. If the player decides to leave the game, he /she folds the cards. But if the player decides to play and to switch a card, he /she must place  the card next to the betting spot and a bet equal to the ante bet on top of the card.

After collecting the bets and the swiched cards, the dealer deals another card face down to each player who switched cards. Switched cards are put into a stecker. The dealer is not alowed to switch his / her cards.

The player may switch another card, provided he / she places a bet twice the amount of the ante bet.

Bets and payouts
Payouts for wining combinations depend on the fact whether the player switched a card or not. If the player did not switch a card, he /she is then paid out according to the payout table below, provided there is not a combination of an ace and a king in the dealer’s hand. In this case, the players are only paid out the ante bet.

Ace and King / 1to1
Pair  /  1 to1
Two pairs  / 2 to1
Three of a kind / 3 to1
Straight  / 4 to1
Flush  / 5 to 1
Full   house  / 7 to1
Poker /  20 to1
Straight flush  / 50 to1
Royal flush /  100 to1

If the player did switch a card, he / she is then paid out according to the payout table below:

Ace and King /1 to 1
Pair / 1 to 1
Two pairs / 2 to 1
Three of kind /3 to 1
Straight / 4 to1
Flush /  5 to 1
Full house / 7 to 1
Poker / 12 to 1
Straight flush / 30 to 1
Royal flush / 60 to  1

The player who has the Jackpot winning combination is paid out in the presence of an inspector only after the dealer has paid out all other winnings. The jackpot is paid only for the original five card hand that the player has been dealt.


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