Texas Hold'em Poker (THP)

The entertainment center Coloseum opens its doors to everyone who likes relaxed gatherings, high-quality concerts, entertainment events and top meals from the whole world.

A carefully designed entertainment program includes almost all types of music and meets the demands of all tastes. Exactly thanks to the diversified offer and meeting of the demands of its visitors, the Coloseum Club was called one of the most visited casinos in Bosnia and Herzegovina with good reason!

Texas Hold'em Poker
  Texas Hold'em Poker (THP)

Texas Hold'em Poker is played with a standard 4-suit 52-card deck.

Game description

At most nine players can take part in this game. The player to the  dealer’s left (the first to “hold the button”) must act first. Each of the players receives two cards face down.. After the first round of betting, the dealer turns three  cards face up (“flop”). These cards belong to everyone at the table, they are “ community cards”. Afterwards there is another round of beting and the dealer turns the fourth community card up in the middle. There is still another round of betting and the  dealer then turns the fifth and final card up in the middle and there is the final round of betting. To make one’s final 5-card hand, a player may use both of the cards in his / her own hand, just one or none.


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